Photo of a screen printing by Gré Leffers.
She made this when I was about 23 years.

My most current musical projects:

  • HenriH
    My soloproject, Instrumental Classic Rock with a progressive touch.
    Ideas come naturally and develop into complete songs.
  • Project Eyestare
    Progressive metal all about 6 songs, written by Synergy aka Eyestare between 1993 and 1995, a band I co-founded.
  • HomeMate
    Together with singer Machteld Maat I play a varied mix of acoustic covers from famous bands and artists from the 70s to the present.
  • Structure Seven
    Progressive Metal with some Doom, Hardrock and also “jazzy” bits.
    This band was founded in 2011, a reincarnation of Synergy / Eyestare.


I am an independent musician and producer and only with your support my music and production quality can be even better, because I can hire good musicians, studios, and engineers.
It would be a real dream to perform my music live as well, but that’s a whole different stage.

You can support me by becoming a patron, and you’ll get access to all the locked material on my Patreon site.

Thank you so much.