From September 2017 until March 2019 I followed the professional education camera journalism/documentary (CamJo) at Open Studio in Amsterdam.
Many aspects were discussed, such as operating a camera with focus ring and manual exposure. This allows you to create nicer images by using depth of field, for example.

Topics such as screenplay, storyboard, interest line, information line, direction and all sorts of other things that give you insight into making a film were part of the training, and I learned to work with Final Cut Pro X, one of the better video editors.

This film I made for my final assignment, a film about André Kerver, former clarinettist of the Orkest van het Oosten:

Sound is sometimes an underestimated aspect of a video. During the training it was the first thing they started with. Not that I didn’t realize that before I started the course, quite the contrary. I think it’s a strong point of my videos so far, because that’s what I’ve been doing for years; producing sound/music, and also editing videos on the computer since the late 90s.

I like to reinvent myself every time.
Every time a new challenge, and working on it from start to finish, that’s my thing.

Interviews, human interest, documentaries, promos, concert registrations, video clips, you name it, and I think along with you.
I’ll work it out into a plan, get to work on it, and deliver a video as desired.
I also have experience with and am available as a member of a film crew.

Some examples of commercial videos, particularly meant for Instagram and Facebook, that’s why the resolution of 1080×1080:


I made this video in a short time as a favor for painter Peter Frans de Graaf:

Click here for more video’s of mine on YouTube.